Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent

Our school vision underpins the curriculum which is broad in scope, relevant, engaging, suitably challenging and includes a range of experiences to prepare pupils with the key skills and knowledge they need to have for the future. Our curriculum is designed to inspire and excite pupils, fulfilling and exceeding National Curriculum requirements, in order to develop enthusiastic learners who have no limits to their curiosity.

Our curriculum will:

  • Develop the acquisition of knowledge through a well-planned and sequenced approach which ensures progression across the key stage, building on previous learning.
  • Extend opportunities for all pupils, including those that may be disadvantaged, the most able, those with special educational needs and for children for whom English is an additional language. Great importance is placed on inclusion which allows every child to develop and flourish on an equal footing.
  • Develop responsible global citizens by fostering an interest in the wider world and an understanding of how they can make a positive contribution.

Curriculum Implementation

The planning and delivery of the curriculum offered is carefully designed to ensure that the intent is fulfilled by:

  • Developing the acquisition of knowledge through the teaching of key concepts and ideas and revisiting them across different subject areas to ensure that pupils make meaningful connections and develop a deeper understanding of the curriculum. Adopting a systematic approach ensures that all pupils develop the necessary skills in English and maths enriching their vocabulary and understanding of key concepts.
  • Extending opportunities for all children by early identification of their individual needs and implementing strategies to overcome barriers to success. Children are exposed to a wide range of experiences that will enrich and deepen their knowledge and understanding of the curriculum.
  • Developing responsible global citizens by instilling social, ethical and moral values through both the explicit taught curriculum and the implicit culture of the school. Children are taught to value the contributions of others and to understand that whilst everyone is unique each individual is of equal importance.

Curriculum Impact

Children leave Rokesly Junior school:

  • Academically ready to embark on and embrace the next phase of their learning with the understanding that the more they know the more they learn.
  • As happy, resilient, aspirational individuals committed to lifelong learning.
  • As responsible individuals who are able to build and develop productive relationships with others and effectively contribute to the wider community.

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