French at Rokesly Junior School provides an opening to other cultures, fosters pupils’ curiosity and deepens their understanding of the world. The language curriculum provides the foundation for learning further languages which will equip our pupils to study and work in other countries in their future life. The curriculum ensures that children can express their ideas and thoughts in another language and can respond in both speech and writing to its speakers. Pupils have opportunities to communicate for practical purposes, learn new ways of thinking and read literature in its original language.

Our intention is that pupils will make substantial progress in a language which will lay the foundations for further study in Key stage 3 and beyond. The curriculum balances spoken and written language appropriately with the focus on practical communication. Pupils listen attentively and are able to show their understanding by joining in and responding. The curriculum allows pupils to present their ideas orally to an audience and show their understanding of words and phrases when reading.

In line with our school vision we want all our children to know about the wider world and how we are all connected. As part of our International School status, we have a long-term partnership with a school in rural France. This allows all children at Rokesly to develop their French language skills and to learn more about another culture. Also allowing for children at Rokesly the opportunity to share their experiences of school life in London. The children meet on-line and via regular letters to their pen pals.

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