Through the teaching of Geography at Rokesly Junior School we aim for all pupils to be inspired to be both curious and fascinated by the world around them and the people within it. We aim for all children to leave our school with the foundations to be independent, resourceful learners who are equipped with the knowledge of the diverse spaces, people, resources and physical and human process. Through the teaching of a  purposeful, dynamic geography curriculum in line with the  National Curriculum, children will  have a growing knowledge of the Earth’s physical and human processes and how they are interconnected. The children will develop the knowledge of the location of globally significant places and understand the process that give rise to the human physical features of the world. They will learn and use a range of geographical skills that will in turn will deepen their understanding of geographical processes. Throughout the curriculum  children have the opportunity to  take their knowledge out into the field to develop their geographical thinking and skills. The children will leave with a deep understanding of changes over time and how people have influenced the physical world and how everyone can make changes to the future of it, resulting in the children of Rokesly Junior school becoming responsible global citizens.

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