Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic Education (PSHCE)

As a whole school, Rokesly aims to provide an environment to aid the development of the ‘whole child’. PSHCE supports this vision and plays a rudimental role in encouraging personal and social development of all children through promoting positive mental, social and physical learning and experiences. Through PSHCE, an environment is created whereby pupils are equipped with the skills and knowledge to become responsible, healthy and confident, wholly developed young people.

We aim to encourage high aspirations in all pupils with the self-belief that they can achieve anything they put their minds to.

The intent of our PSHCE curriculum at Rokesly is to enable our pupils to grow into resourceful, independent learners with the knowledge, skills and emotional maturity they need to succeed in the rapidly changing modern world, both on and offline.

Through the PSHCE curriculum and delivery, we aim to embed the knowledge and skills required for accessing the wider curriculum in order to make positive contributions to both the school community and the wider community.  This enables children to develop part of their sense of self-worth interrelated with becoming responsible global citizens of the future.

Positive relationships are valued at Rokesly and essential in promoting an environment for our pupils where they feel happy and safe. Our Relationships and Sex Education curriculum supports our ethos and plays an essential role in enabling pupils to develop lifelong learning in how to be and stay safe, recognise and develop healthy relationships.

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