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Art Exhibition

We had our wonderful art exhibition based on the theme ‘Ourselves, our world and our future’! It was a huge success! The children thoroughly enjoyed celebrating their amazing work with their adults at home, peers and the local community!

Rokesly Display 

Our school is a place where unlocking a world of knowledge is at the forefront of everything we do. From the moment you step through our doors, you are greeted with an inspiring display of diverse subjects, igniting curiosity and fostering a love for learning. Our curriculum is designed to challenge and engage children, allowing them to explore new topics and ideas, and to develop critical thinking skills that will serve them well in all aspects of their lives.

World Book Day

What an incredible World Book Day it turned out to be! The entire school came together for a delightful catwalk assembly, filled with laughter and joy. The judges faced a tough decision, as every participant showcased exceptional creativity and talent. Congratulations to the deserving winners and runners-up from each year group, who wowed us with their imaginative role-play!

Let’s not overlook the dedication of our teachers, who fully embraced the spirit of the day with their fantastic costumes and creativity. Ms. Archer’s costume was particularly remarkable, not only for its beauty but also for the meaningful message it conveyed. Like the rainbow fish, she shared her scales generously among our Rokesly friends. What made these scales stand out even more, was that on the back of each scale was a positive affirmation for our friends to take away with them. “Always remember, you are loved and appreciated!”

Red Nose Day was a success! It was lovely seeing Rokesly turn red today. A huge thank you to all who participated in this wonderful cause. Let’s continue to spread kindness and create positive change together!

Year 5 Level 2 Bikeability – Pedaling Confidence, Inspiring Adventures!

Our year 5 children participated in Level 2 Bikeability at school, focusing on preparing them for short journeys such as cycling to school. The training, conducted in small groups on quiet, local streets, provided a real cycling experience. Beyond the basic skills acquired, Bikeability serves as a gateway to various exciting cycling adventures. If your child is keen on exploring more, they may consider joining a local cycling club for activities like BMXing, mountain biking, or racing, and the Bikeability instructor can offer guidance on suitable groups for junior members and beginners. To reinforce the training, consider practicing as a family or allowing your child to cycle independently to school or local shops, further enhancing their cycling proficiency. Family training sessions are also available through Cycle Confident.

Rokesly’s got talent

Rokesly’s got talent was a memorable throwback! It proved to be the most challenging year to select the winners due to the incredible performances. The participants showcased an abundance of talent, skill, variety, and laughter, making it a fantastic way to conclude the term. Not to be outdone, the teachers also delivered an impressive show.



Year 6 embarked on their annual five-day residential trip to Pendarren House in Wales.


  • In Year 3, a Rabbi visited to discuss Judaism, while in Year 5 explored the Greek Orthodox Church on Wightman Road and St John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church. Meanwhile, Year 6 went to Wightman Road Mosque. These visits and interactions with various places of worship contribute to our RE curriculum, enlightening the children about diverse beliefs and worship practices. Our approach aligns with the Haringey curriculum guidelines.
  • Reverend Matt Lunn visited our school to lead the harvest assembly, adding a wonderful touch to our local community involvement. His assembly was mainly on the importance of appreciating what we have, and it was delightful to have some of you join us.
  • In another engaging event, Year 5 visited Hornsey School for Girls to meet Matt Lucas and hear him discuss his latest children’s book. The experience was highly enjoyable, and we aim to inspire our students by providing opportunities to meet various authors. Remember, anyone can be a writer!
  • On a different note, Year 6 participated in a workshop on online safety conducted by the police. As parents and guidance, it is crucial to supervise your children’s online activities and monitor their digital presence. We will be organizing workshops for you later this term.

Sports Update

Rokesly has undoubtedly become the school to watch out for.


Year 5 and 6 mixed cricket teams take part in the indoor Cricket tournament that we did very well in last year. This year was no different where they displayed an outstanding performance making sure we won all our games very comfortably. We got through to the semi-finals and won that!

We had to play Rhodes Avenue in the final who were tough opponents. It was a very close game but we came out on top! With one more bat to go, we were 5 points behind; it was down to our amazing last batter who pulled it out of the bag with a 6-pointer putting us in the lead.

We are now in the semi-finals which will take place at the Lord’s Cricket Ground representing Haringey once again. Once we get through the semi-finals that will bring us into the finals where we will be competing with schools from all over London hoping to bring that trophy back home to Rokesly.

Rokesly is a school to watch out for! Well done to all the children that took part.


  • The year 4 boys and year 3 & 4 girls took part in the school’s first-ever friendly football tournament against Coldfall Primary School. Both teams played six games and put in a great performance. The boys won four out of six games, while the girls won all six games. Their shooting was remarkable, and they played some brilliant football.
  • Year 5 and 6 boys took part in the New River football tournament, with 24 primary schools taking part. I’m happy to say we came second place in our group! The top two from each group then played in the final group set where Rokesly came in 5th place. The boys played great football and their teamwork was outstanding. Well done to all the boys that took part.
  • Year 5 and 6 girls also took part in a football tournament at St Thomas More where 26 primary schools took part. We were in group C where sadly we lost the chance to be in the semi-finals. It was a very close game against Muswell Hill Primary School who scored in the last 10 seconds of the game.
  • We also took two teams consisting of Year 5 and 6 girls and boys to a football festival. For most of the children that went, this was their first time taking part in a football competition and they played great football and worked beautifully together as a team. Rokesly team 1 came in at 3rd place and team 2 came in at 2nd place.


The year 5/6 mixed dodgeball team went to play a friendly with Coldfall and Coleridge and had a great afternoon playing lots of dodgeball.


The year 5/6 mixed netball team competed in the High 5 netball competition. It was our first time competing in a Netball competition and we came 4th in our group! A great achievement for the team.

Tag rugby

A team of year 4 and 5 children took part in a tag rugby competition at New River Sports Centre and then on Friday, a different group of children participated in a tag rugby festival. Well done to everyone who took part in either one of the events. Thank you to Coach Sam, and the staff that accompanied them.

Indoor Cricket
Rokesly School emerged as the Haringey Indoor Cricket champions, beating 13 other schools and securing victories in the borough tournament. They then represented Haringey in the London Youth Games, competing in the Grand Final of the William Greaves Trophy at the MCC indoor Academy in Lord’s Cricket Ground. In group B, they won all their matches and progressed to the semi-finals, where they defeated St Joan of Ark to advance to the finals against Latchmere. Although it was a closely contested game, Rokesly finished as runners-up. The year 5/6 mixed cricket team played exceptionally well, and Isambard was awarded the trophy for the best male player in the competition. We take great pride in our achievement and unwavering commitment. In addition, one of the year 6 girls was selected to represent Haringey in the London Youth Indoor Girls Cricket team, which won the competition held last Saturday. Haringey took home the trophy, A huge round of applause to the team.


The year 3/4 Gymnastics team has come home with the GOLD! Individual awards the boys came first and third as did the girls! What an amazing achievement especially as it was a first-time experience for year 3! All their hard work and dedication to practise with Coach Sam have paid off! We couldn’t be more proud of them!

Sports Leaders
Our sports leaders have been working tirelessly during lunchtime and after-school clubs. They’ve been engaging in fun sports games and providing support to their peers to help them to understand game rules and learn different sports.


Year 5&6 Football 

Well done to the year 5 and 6 football team that participated in a football tournament! They came back with a bronze medal for the mixed team and boys team tournament! And the girls team came in 4th as well! What a great achievement!

A big shout out to the PSA and One Stop Films, who provided the team with new football tops. They look amazing

Fourth Plinth Award at London’s City Hall

Wow! What a wonderful day to pick up a Fourth Plinth award at London’s amazing City Hall. The world-famous Rankin, who judged all the entries, was present to hand out the awards, together with the Deputy Mayor for Culture and the Creative Industries! The bag of Cass Art gifts was amazing! Well done to our fabulous Rokesly winner!

Year 5 Fire Safety Workshop

Each year 5 class really enjoyed their Fire Safety Workshop with Officer Joynul Ahmed from the London Fire Brigade! The workshops were engaging and fun. We learned a lot about what we can do to stay safe in our homes and prevent fires from happening. We also learned how to safely react in the event of a fire. With their recent water safety training, year 5 are really equipping themselves with the skills to protect both themselves and others!


“Bring a Parent to School” computing sessions

Bring a Parent to School morning was a real success!  It was amazing to see so many parents and carers join their children in class and take part in an online safety lesson. The children thoroughly enjoyed you taking part in their learning and we hope that you found the event useful. We value your support as we develop and build on children’s online safety knowledge so that they are creative, safe and responsible users of technology.


Bikeability – Pedalling Towards Progress: Proud to announce that 95% of Rokesly children are now Bikeability Level 1 trained!

Year 3 students have successfully completed their Bikeabilly course, marking a significant achievement in their journey towards becoming proficient cyclists. Safety, fun, and eco-friendly vibes all the way!


Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day was a success! It was lovely seeing Rokesly turn red today. A huge thank you to all who participated in this wonderful cause. Let’s continue to spread kindness and create positive change together!


Iroko Theatre Company spent a day with year 3. A day of dance, drama and drumming culminated in a performance for their parents. The family drumming workshop after school was a lot of fun and we learnt about the names and origins of some of the drums played.

Easter Egg Competition

The Rokesly Easter Egg Competition entries this year have exceeded all expectations. The level of creativity and skill was exceptionally high, making it a challenging task for the judges to select only four winners and four runner-ups from the entire school. The competition showcased the remarkable creativity and imagination of our children. Thank you so much to all the children, staff, parents and carers who contributed to the success of this event. All the winning entries will be posted on our Instagram @Rokeslyjunior.

Skills Builder Silver Award

​Children who are able to master the essential skills can make the most of their time in school, and thrive in their wider lives. Working with the Skills Builder Partnership can support every child to build those skills as a core part of their learning. Last year, we worked with Skills Builder Partnership to support our children in developing essential skills to make the most of their time in education and thrive in their wider lives and employment. Each term we focused on a different skill (such as listening, staying positive and teamwork) and provided every child with opportunities to build their skills as a core part of their learning. At the end of the year, we were assessed against the framework and we are very proud to achieve the Skills Builder Silver Award.

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