Year 5 Fire Safety Workshop in December

Each year 5 class really enjoyed their Fire Safety Workshop with Officer Joynul Ahmed from the London Fire Brigade! The workshops were engaging and fun. We learned a lot about what we can do to stay safe in our homes and prevent fires from happening. We also learned how to safely react in the event of a fire. With their recent water safety training, year 5 are really equipping themselves with the skills to protect both themselves and others!

Monthly Highlights

Easter Egg Competition

The Easter competition this year was amazing! There was so much creativity and originality with the entries it was such a delight to walk around and view all the detail and effort that was put in. Thank you to all who participated, it was such a joy!  

World Book Day

What an incredible World Book Day it turned out to be! The entire school came together for a delightful catwalk assembly, filled with laughter and joy. The judges faced a tough decision, as every participant showcased exceptional creativity and talent. Congratulations...

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day was a success! It was lovely seeing Rokesly turn red today. A huge thank you to all who participated in this wonderful cause. Let's continue to spread kindness and create positive change together!